Approved Regulations

SPNS provided grant to the researchers .The grant mainly targets SPNS members to help
them generate good clinical and -clinical-basic science research in pediatric neurology field.

A. General Terms

1. Grants are exclusive to the SPNS members Researchers.

2. As per the SPNS , junior researchers are the top priority of SPNS Grant.

3. Research proposal should be submitted using the SPNS forms ( separate form )

4. Only one project will be considered per investigator. Principal investigators (PI) with
more than one submission should prioritize their proposals to be included. No more than
one project will be funded for each investigator

5. IRB approved by a well-known institute

6. Send all requirements before dead line to:

B. Grants will be assessed on the following Criteria:

1. The originality of the research proposal (to avoid duplication of other research efforts).

2. The importance of the proposed research in the context of the discipline, practice and
future planning of pediatric neurology services in Saudi Arabia.

3. Quality of the proposal. Is it innovative?

4. Likelihood of achieving the objectives within the specified time.

5. Background literature review and rationale for study.

6. Clearly stated research question and hypothesis.

7. Methodology including design, methods, sample selection, statistical analysis are
clearly stated.

8. Ethical issues, validity, reliability and rigor of study.

9. Is the infrastructure available to support this project?

10. Clear and justified roles for the investigators.

11. Credentials of the investigators (the research team) and their ability to execute the project.

12. Previous publications of the investigators.

13. A research time schedule is included.

14. Submitted project should comply with the reporting guidance of RCT protocols or
cohort studies.

15. The decision of the committee on the awarding of this Research Grant is FINA

C. Financial Arrangements

1. Grant ceiling is SAR 20,000

2. The percentage of budget allocated to manpower should not exceed 30% of the
required budget for the project.

3. Grants must be limited to a reasonable estimate of the cost of the grant-funded
activities. Avoid inflated budgets.

4. The investigators should provide a detailed and justified budget for the project including
the materials needed.

5. The recipient of a research grant shall not accept or receive funding for the same
research project from any source other than the SPNS

6. The grant holder may not use any amount of an award for purposes not related
to the research project . To the extent that any amount is used for purposes not
related to the approved research project, the same amount shall immediately
become repayable to the SPNS.

7. The principal investigator will receive the grant after submission of IRB approval.

8. Funds remaining unused and uncommitted at the end of the grant period shall be
returned to the SPNS.

9. The fund will be endowed by SPNS based on the following criteria:
• 30% upon contract signing
• 30% with successful interim report
• 40% upon submission for publication (in an ISI indexed journal)

10. Items NOT considered for funding include:
• Travel, lodging, honoraria, registration expenses or personal expenses
for conference attendance
• Operating expenses (e.g. textbooks, business meetings)
• Staff/professional development
• Other costs that are neither reasonable nor customary

D. Transfer to Another Pl

The grant holder shall not transfer the award to another Principal investigator without
the prior written approval of the SPNS.

E. Good Research Practice

The funding agency (SPNS) expects that the research will be carried out in accordance
with the best practices and standards of research in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Reports and Publications:

1. The grant holder shall furnish first progress scientific and financial reports to the
SPNS on agreed date or within six months of the Commencement Date of the 12
month project.

2. The grant holder shall provide a final report to the SPNS on the research for
which the award was made within three months following the end of the period
for which the grant has been awarded. Grant holders, who do not comply with this
requirement, will be deemed ineligible to apply for future research grants. Failure
to provide a Project Report will mean that the grant holder will be held liable for all
monies received.

3. The grant holders must make themselves available, to all reasonable new
requests or modifications from the SPNS.

4. The grant holder shall provide the SPNS with signed copies of all publications
arising from research funded by this grant.

5. The support of the SPNS Grant must be expressly acknowledged in any
publication, presentation, or report of research . Clear statement of
acknowledgement :

F. Termination

The SPNS reserves the right to terminate the award of a grant upon 30 days
written notice to the grant holder. The award of a grant will terminate in the
event of the grant holder breaching any of the regulations contained herein. The
grant holder will furnish all necessary reports of research completed or in
progress through to the date of termination.

G. Disputes

The SPNS and the grant holder shall negotiate in good faith with a view to
resolving any dispute arising.

1. Amendment of Regulations
The SPNS reserves the right to amend these Regulations from time to time and will
inform the grant holders thereof.

Reviewed and Approved by:
SPNS Research Committee

Revised February 2021

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